DJB Technical Academy

Air Conditioning HVAC
Air Conditioning

Learn a career in HVAC.


Learn a career as an Electrician.


Learn a career as a Plumber.

Auto Mechanic
Auto Mechanic (New)

Learn a career as an Auto Mechanic.

DJB offers a high school education and pre-apprenticeship certifications in the trades of Electrical, Heating and Air Conditioning and Plumbing for young adults between the ages of 16-21. This diverse group of students will also include students with special needs, students with disabilities and English Language.

DJB Technical Academy provides students that have fallen behind the opportunity to catch up with their graduation requirements and obtain a high school diploma.

DJB is exploring to have Auto Mechanic's and Cosmetology Trades.

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We invite you to experience DJB Technical Academy in person. Please contact us to schedule your personal tour of our school and chance to meet our staff in person.


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Management Companies

  • CSCSI - Educational Consultant
  • ACH - Payroll Company
  • SFS - Accounting Firm


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Harry Chapin Food Bank

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Pam's Motor City

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